Mobile Makeup Artist Melbourne – Cosmetic Bag Musts for your Wedding Day

You may have hired the best mobile makeup artist Melbourne has to offer on your wedding day, but if she isn’t going to be in tow at the reception you are going to need to bring along a cosmetic bag to assist with touch ups. You will want to discuss the products she will be using and arrange to purchase at least the lip products used. You will be kissing your way through the day and touch-ups will be required to keep you photo ready. Here are a few must haves to have ready nearby:

  • Lipstick and lip gloss
  • Hairspray in case your hair starts to come undone
  • Deodorant because you will be sweating
  • Concealer and cover up
  • Tissues because you will be crying
  • Loose powder for shine
  • Compact or mirror for checks before photos

Talk to Your Makeup Artist

You can also speak to your makeup artist to get tips on how to do touch ups. You do not want to interfere with the perfection your makeup artist has achieved, but you will need to do touch ups to your lips as well as to avoid shine throughout the day and evening. Remember you will be dancing, kissing, hugging, sweating, eating and who knows what else! All of these activities will take their toll on your hair and makeup.

Your wedding day is the one-day you will want to give the illusion of endless beauty. A good makeup artist will know a few tricks for lasting makeup, but it is a long day and touch ups will be needed. Working out a plan with your makeup artist will keep you prepared to make your own touch ups as required.  A well-prepared makeup bag will help make sure you can make touch ups quickly and easily.

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