Bridal Makeup Artist Melbourne – The Pros and Cons of Faux Tans for Brides

Is a tan really the right look for a bride? It depends on the style and image you are personally trying to achieve. Here are some pros and cons to having a faux tan for your wedding day.

Home Tanning


  • Affordable
  • Is applied daily for a gradual tan, allowing you to reach the depth of tan you desire


  • More apt to result in tell-tale streaks and blotches
  • Can rub off and stain your clothes
  • Can leave spots and streaks if you forget and wash your hands or are caught in the rain

Tips: Have someone else apply the tanner for you to avoid palms being stained, blotchiness, streaking and white spots. Make sure they thoroughly wash their hands afterwards so they don’t wind up with orange stained hands!

Spray Tanning


  • Pretty much guarantees an overall even tan
  • Can be used in the deepness your desire
  • Can be applied for an instant tan, or gradual


  • You may not be happy with the results so do a test drive way before your wedding so you find the tone and look you want
  • You may not understand the directions and do it wrong when in the booth so again do a test run first

Tips: Use a moisturizer on hands and nails thoroughly applied to avoid unnatural coloured nails and fingertips. Do not shower until 12 – 24 hours after the tan is applied. Watch what you wear as the tan can stain clothing.

Airbrush Tanning


  • Is applied by a professional to look perfect and natural
  • Lasts 10 – 15 days
  • Only takes about 30 minutes


  • If you want a tan all over, you will be in some embarrassing, intimate positions with your cosmetician
  • Very expensive

Tips:  Be certain to get a super duper exfoliation treatment before you begin. Moisturize like crazy to keep it looking natural.

A bridal makeup artist Melbourne bride’s love will be able to give you tips and may even be able to assist with airbrush tanning.

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